Capri Sun, Hi-C, and Crystal Pepsi...all hugely popular 90's drinks. And now, they're also swimsuits, thanks to Public Space! I got in touch with them and asked Eric Wu why 90's beverages and he said,

When I think of the idyllic days of summer, I always see a hazy, lo-fi vision of people lounging on a beach, the women with big hair and sunglasses, sipping on Capri-Sun, Pepsi, maybe even some old school Bud heavies. A lot of what Public Space does is explore the frisson of nostalgia. There's something delectable and infinite in the fondness of our past -- we can't hold onto it, but we can find joy in it forever.

Good enough for me. I'm looking forward to...

a) Jolt, Mandarine Orange Slice (wow, I drank a LOT of MOS!), and Zima!

ii) Starter Jackets, Lisa Frank, and the Sony Discman.

Click HERE to buy 'em for about $60 ($10 bucks off right now). If you get one or two or all of them, please, make sure to share a picture with me thru our app!


90's Swimsuits

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