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Is there a silent majority of Rochester and Olmsted County, embarrassed by our Ear of Corn water tower? I ask because of something I read on Facebook the other day. I'm very pro EOCWT, but it got me wondering.

Not eager for someone to get nasty over an opinion like this (everyone's entitled to an opinion), so I covered up their name, but here's the comment and responses I found on a post on You Know Your From Rochester Minnesota If...

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A lot of people disagreed with her (nicely, I thought...which is how it should go), but this one really caught my eye.

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I never once thought about the kids years ago...just how much I liked it. A good perspective, I appreciate your comment, BJS.

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In the long run, it doesn't much matter if people are embarrassed, though, since it is here to stay.

(November 3, 2020) The Olmsted County Board voted today to approve a contract for the demolition of the former Seneca Foods canning plant and the restoration of the famous "ear of corn" water tower at the site.

The contract was awarded to Rachel Contracting, which submitted a bid totaling just under $1.1 million for the work. A detailed schedule for the demolition of the canning plant and the water tower restoration has not been finalized but the county has stated it would like the demolition to be completed by the end of next June. Read More: Seneca Demolition and Water Tower Restoration Contract Approved

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And just for funsies...


  • The structure was built in 1931. Before Seneca, before Libby, it originally supplied water for the Reid-Murdoch food canning operation.
  • It's 149 ft. 6 in. tall.
  • The 60-foot tank holds 50,000 gallons of water, making it the world's largest such water tower.
  • It was designed built by the Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. and at least 15 of thier water tanks are registered as historic places.
  • Pilots used to use the lit up yellow tank and a beacon on top to land at Lobb Field (which was super close to the tower).

Speaking of Historic!

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