Are the Minnesota Vikings the CHEAPEST Team When It Comes to Mascots?

Philadelphia Eagles v Minnesota Vikings
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When it comes to sports of any sort these days, the show is as important as the game. And NFL mascots are a part of that show, the Minnesota Vikings cheap out when it comes to that important role, or do they bust the bank?

Top Three Highest Paid NFL Mascots

NFL Pro Bowl
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To no one's surprise, the top-paid NFL mascots are in Dallas and New England.

  • Dallas Cowboys - Rowdy $50/hour or $65,000/year
  • New England Patriots - Pat Patriot $50/hour or $65,000/year
  • San Francisco 49ers - Sourdough Sam $45/hour or $60,000/year

Top Three Lowest Paid NFL Mascots

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Well, here's the thing. The NFL is cheap-city when they can be, so the bottom three all pay their mascots $40/hour or $50,000/year. In fact, that's true for the bottom five.

10 - Indianapolis Colts - Blue (You're my man, BLUE!)
11 - Seattle Seahawks - Blitz
12 - Atlanta Falcons - Freddie Falcon
13 - Minnesota Vikings - Viktor
14 - Carolina Panthers - Sir Purr

I admit, typing Viktor instead of Ragnar felt kinda weird, even 7 years later.

But, whether it's $50k/year or $65k/year, it's not a bad salary for a part-time job that puts you at every game. Plus, this is Minnesota, we're pretty common sense around here.

Has ANYONE Gotten Rich Being A Sports Mascot?

San Antonio Spurs v Denver Nuggets
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Yep. The NBA's Denver Nuggets have a mascot they pay more than half a million dollars a year. He's Rocky and he's rumored to make $625,000 a year. He's even in the mascot hall of fame!

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