I just saw a list and started checking off the items one by one. Yep, I do this, and this, and this...nope, not that, but this one, for sure! It's the five-signs you an adult-child...you know, an adult, but you've not grown up. Pheh. I call bologna on this list. Check 'em out and see if you agree.

The Top Five Signs You're Not a Grown Up Yet -- (with my comments in italics)

  1. Binge a whole TV show season in one weekend. (Because you have to be too busy to blow off a weekend to be an adult?)
  2. Getting ink done. (Seriously? Don't adults get tattoos? What bunk.)
  3. Using filters on Snapchat. (I know a LOT of 39-year-old moms that are fully functioning child raising children, then.)
  4. You like pop music. (Do we pass some magical line where we give up pop and only like classical, or rock, or...Phillip Glass? It's 2018, Bob. One woman can like pop, rock, R&B, rap, soul, classical, jazz, darn near everything)
  5. Regularly raiding your cupboards for cookies. (Don't mess with the cookies, list!)

Honorable Mention: Broke up with someone because you weren't ready for a serious relationship. (It's silly to stay with someone just to look like an adult. Unless they make killer brownies. Then stick like glue.)

(See the whole list here)

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