If you build it, they will spin! That's what Kasson's 11-year-old Grace Reed is counting on because she's all in on changing and improving her part of the world. It started a while back when the Kasson Public Library was moved. They moved the playground, too, but did NOT bring the merry-go-round.


According to ABC 6 News, Gracie decided they needed a merry-go-round so she asked her mom for some advice, and they set off. After talking to all sorts of people in charge at the library and in the government, she found out they liked the idea, but it would cost $9,000! The city told Grace, "If you raise $4,500, we'll match it!"

So, of course, there's a chance for you to help out. Roll on up to the Kasson Public Library and take part in the silent auction/bake sale May 4th from 3 - 7 PM.

ps - This isn't the first time Grace Reed decided to change the world. On ABC 6 News  Grace's mom, Cyndi said,

"A few years ago, they were saving the old school in Kasson, and she and her brother set up a little Kool-Aid stand and sold cookies and fresh vegetables and gave money to that project,"

Kudos to Grace for the idea, the passion, and the heart that cares about her home-town and the kids in it. Also, big love to mom, Cyndi, for encouraging and helping create Kasson's next Mayor (well, in a few years, maybe).

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