You've seen this kind of thing in huge cities, but you don't need to drive that far to see an amazing home-made light show for Christmas. Just head to Northwest Austin! 

CREDIT: Mike Carter Click for link.
CREDIT: Mike Carter Click for link.

Mike Carter is the guy responsible for the Christmas display, going on four years now. There are so many people coming by to see it, he had to ask people not to block driveways and the street!

Usually, when I see these, I figure they just put 'em up and luckeed out with the timing. Or had someone else do the hard work. In this case, that is NOT true.

But according to this interview on ABC News 6...

The project took six months of careful coding and another month to set up all 31,000 lights, but Carter said it's a labor of love. "When I was a kid I loved Christmas lights and they always brought joy to me, so when I grew up I thought [I] might as well give that joy to other kids that I received when I was a child."

Just head to  710 11th Avenue Northwest in Austin to see the show seven days a week, starting at 5 PM. Mostly it shuts down at 9, but Friday and Saturday he turns it off at 10. He doesn't charge to watch, but please feel free to donate...all donations go to the Girl Scouts.

Want to know more? Check out his website HERE.


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