The number of actual-factual old-school drive-in movie theaters is not what it once was. According to Drive-In, Minnesota had around 80 drive-in theaters at their peak in the 1950s. Most are now gone and only 6 operating drive-ins remain open in the state."

Where Are Minnesota's Drive-In Movie Theaters?

So glad you asked. I put together the list, thank you Drive-In Fun Drive-In movie facts after the gallery.

Here They Are - Minnesota's Last Six Old School Drive-In Movie Theaters

It's amazing to think that we shrunk from 80 drive-ins in the 50s to 6 now. And by amazing, I mean amazingly good luck. We have some in different parts of the state so no matter where you live, you can get to one. Some are not so close to us, but with only six in the state, that kinda thing is going to happen.

A big thank you to Drive-In, it is a super complete site. Check them when you travel, you may luck into a great night of entertainment and nostalgia.
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Drive-In Movie Theater Fun Facts

Abandened drive in screen with sky and grass
  • Camden, New Jersey is the home of the first drive-in theater. Opened in 1933, shut down in 1936, and...was moved to a new location.
  • The second drive-in, not counting the first one opening twice, is in Pennsylvania. Opened in 1934 and STILL HASN'T CLOSED!
  • The most popular name for currently operating drive-in theaters is 'Starlite Drive-in'. There are 10 in the US with that name (that includes different spellings).
  • There's a drive-in in Dearborn, Michigan that has space for almost 3,000 cars!

See way more fun facts here.

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