There's nothing like our favorite cast of superheroes duking it out, Family Feud–style! And thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, that's exactly what happened on his show Monday night (April 13), when he invited the cast of Avengers to get in on some game show action.

The cast was split into two teams, with Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner on "The Americas," and Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey, Jr. on "The Mans." Jimmy Kimmel, of course, served as the role of host, channeling Steve Harvey, Richard Dawson and all of the Family Feud hosts that came before him. (Our personal fave is Al from Home Improvement.)

As the teams battled it out with such questions as, "What would be the worst place to turn into the Incredible Hulk?" and "Name something you'd do in a movie theater besides watching a movie," it turns out Team "The Mans" won by a landslide, with a whopping 125 points — which is 125 more points than the opposing team scored. Talk about killing the competition.

Sadly, there was no bonus round — um, isn't it kind of necessary that we see if they'll take home the entirely fictional $20,000? — and there was a profound lack of "Good answer!"s, watching the Avengers play Family Feud together still made our day. And it's not even 10 AM yet.

Watch the Avengers battle it out in "Avengers Family Feud" in the video above!

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