Here is why Tom Hanks is my favorite actor!

Before he became the big star he is today, Tom Hanks was a television actor. He had an '80's sitcom, Bosom Buddies. It was about a couple of guys that couldn't find an apartment, except in a ladies only complex. So, he and co-star Peter Scolari dressed as women to live in the apartment.

Well, let them explain it in their own words...


It even had that great Billy Joel song as part of the opening!

Hanks guest-starred on the Michael J. Fox sitcom, Family Ties, too.

Then, he made the movie Big. He had a few misfires. But then, every movie starring Tom Hanks was a box-office hit and/or an Oscar winner or contender.

Hanks was a guest of Jimmy Kimmel's. He tells probably the most awesomest story of running around the lot where Bosom Buddies was filmed - even over to where William Shatner, the late Ricardo Montleban and the original Star Trek crew were filming probably the greatest '80's sci-fi film, that was not called Star Wars, The Wrath of Khan!

The idea that Happy Days star Don Most would give him just a nod hello... Remember, Happy Days was a '70's show that carried over into the early '80's but was set in the '50's...until it decided to be about the early '60's...

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