The video is and son are having a blast, each turn of the handle means they could get a pie in the face. The tension builds and then, SPLOOTCH! You can't help but laugh. Until you hit up Amazon to buy the thing and that smile disappears. $107? Yep...$107.

One merchant has it for only $98, but after shipping, you're still up over $100!  And other merchants? They're selling it prices starting at $109 (free shipping!) and going all the way up to $299!

And the reviews? Pah! Everyone loves the game...but not the price. Here's a pretty typical response.

Why so expensive? Supply and demand. It's made in the UK, and, from a little digging, it sounds like when the video went viral, it created a demand the company couldn't meet. So, it's not the toy company jacking up the price (it goes for about $35 across the pond), it's people that bought a bunch to resell at outrageous prices.

They'd better sell 'em fast, tho, because Hasbro announced they're bringing it to the US this fall, and the prices'll come down to what you and I can afford to pay. Then it's SPLOOOTCH! for all!