I am not knocking band-aids, because they serve an excellent purpose.   I myself have used them on gaggles of boo-boo's... and they work really well for kids, so, naturally, being a mom, I have stockpiled them in the medicine cabinet.   However, I am not so sure they would make a great 'Stocking Stuffer', or 'Holiday Gift,'  as this commercial would lead you to believe.  The audio is a little quiet, and it is not the best video, but it clearly says, "And They Make Great Holiday Gifts."

Do you agree?

Can you imagine the excitement of a little girl, or a little boy, waking up on Christmas morning to find a box of band-aids?   I can see their expression now.  My mom used to do weird things on Christmas when my sister and I were little.   I remember one year opening up a huge box, only to find another box, and another, and in the end, a can of clam chowder.  Of course, there were also some good presents under the tree too.

I myself haven't always been a stellar gift giver.   One year, I gave my dad a paper shredder.   I thought it was a good idea, because he was always paying bills.  He didn't like it that well.   It was pretty obvious when he offered for me to keep it.  I learned, and decided to be a little more wise as the years went on.

Of course, Christmas means so much more than just presents and gifts.  Kids really do love presents! Well, most of the time.

Jimmy Kimmel recently asked a bunch of people to prank kids and send videos.

Those poor little kids.

Ellen is funny, a couple years ago she talked about some people's terrible gifts.

What is the WORST Christmas present you've ever opened?  Has anyone ever pranked you?

Here is a list of some items that people have received from [Reddit].

1.  "I got a used gift card with only $3.75 left on it."

2.  "When I was seven, my grandma bought my cousin a PlayStation 2.  I'm the exact same age . . . and she got me a 'Shrek' lunch box."

3.  "I was unemployed and got a large, gift-wrapped box from my parents.  It was a stack of job applications from local businesses."

4.  "When I was seven I unwrapped a gift and found a Dustbuster box.  I thought my present was inside the box . . . turned out my present WAS the Dustbuster, so I could vacuum the stairs easier."

5.  "My mom gave me a jar of sugar with a note about how sweet I was.  Then, two days later, I came home and found she'd used the sugar to bake cookies."

6.  "My great-aunt had a live-in caretaker.  He unexpectedly died.  The next year, when I was seven, I got a VHS copy of his funeral for Christmas."

Well, if you do by chance get a rather, 'unique' gift, here is a girl who has some tips on how to go about reacting to a bad gift.