Did you know that prohibition came about courtesy of a United States Representative from Minnesota who was born in Kenyon?  Andrew Volstead helped author the National Prohibition Act (otherwise known as the Volstead Act) that remained in place from 1920-1933.  Can you imagine not being able to legally have a beer for nearly 14 years?

Today, beer festivals, tastings and events are more popular than ever.

Rejoice beer lovers, Rochester on Tap is coming soon!  Presented by Andy's Liquor, Rochester on Tap will feature an incredible selection of specialty, craft and import beers.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 6th, 3 to 6 p.m. at the Mayo Civic Center.  Event attendees will get a chance to sample over 100 beers from all over the world, enjoy live music and great food.

Click here to get your tickets now, as Rochester on Tap is soon to become one of the Med City's premiere beer tastings!