Similar to the wildly successful marketing campaign of the Klondike Bar, people seemingly would do just about anything to get there hands on one of those tasty ice cream treats. So to holds true the power of FREE beer. A North Carolina brewers van went missing on Monday afternoon, and less than an hour later, due to the promise of a FREE keg party the stolen van was located. 

The brewery in a post Monday stated that "3 fine individuals" had stolen their van in the early morning hours. The post offered a "free keg party" to whoever could help them find their van. 43 minutes later an Instagram post by Caroline Klimowski located the van and she scored the keg party.

The brewery since that time is now offering up 25 cent beer party for the entire city as a way to say thank you for all the tips and help in recovering their van. The possibilities are endless for what could have been accomplished if free beer would have been offered, Amelia Earhart's plane would have been found by now, or the Sistine Chapel would have been done in a day.


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