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'Bachelor' Star Ben Higgins Lost 30 Pounds Due to Parasite

Ben Higgins revealed he lost roughly 30 pounds during The Bachelor after picking up a parasite on vacation right before shooting started. The parasite apparently affected his ability to film more intimate scenes, as he had to run off when he felt like he was going to vomit. (via Page Six)

More Than Half of People Think They Share a Personality With Their Pet

According to a ZippyPaws survey, over 80 percent of pet-owners believe their pet has a distinct personality trait. Meanwhile, 55 percent of American pet-owners believe they share personality traits with their pets. Over 60 percent describe their pet as smart or clever, while 76 percent claim they can tell what their pet is thinking by looking at their face. (via People)

Watching People Silently Study Is the Newest YouTube Trend

A new trend that started in South Korea revolves around watching strangers study quietly via YouTube video. Some viewers enjoy the ambient noise, while some folks find watching other people study motivating. Others simply find catharsis is knowing they are not alone. (via Asia One)

26-Year-Old Busted for Impersonating Cop

In 2009, then-14-year-old Vincent Richardson posed as a cop and was assigned to a 5-hour shift. He even made an arrest before the police realized he was not an actual officer. Now 26 years old, Richardson has reportedly posed as a cop three times in the past month. He's been charged with three counts of impersonating a cop. (via Chicago Tribune)

Ash Wednesday Was COVID-Friendly This Year

On Wednesday (Feb. 17), some churches around the U.S. became COVID-friendly for visitors looking to receive ashes. Instead of rubbing ashes on people’s foreheads, some churches sprinkled them instead. (via Fox News)

Apple Giving COVID Updates to Its Emojis

Apple will be updating their emojis for COVID. The syringe emoji, which was previously red, will now be filled with a clear blue liquid, mimicking the vaccine. (via Emojipedia)

Paris Hilton Is Engaged!

On Wednesday (Feb. 17), Paris Hilton took to Instagram to celebrate her 40th birthday—but that wasn't the only thing she celebrated. The socialite is got engaged to Carter Reum over the weekend.

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