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Maybe it doesn't quite feel like Fall yet, but that doesn't mean High School Football isn't coming in fast for a landing. Soon our radio stations will be doing play-by-play of local games and fans'll be in the stands, no matter the temperature.

Let's Get Ready for Football With A Bags Tournament?

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That's the plan for the Mayo High School TD Club with the Fourth Annual Bean Bag Tournament on August 27th at Chip Shots on North Broadway in Rochester. All proceeds go to support Mayo High School Football, so if you're good (or really bad and don't care, just want to have fun), put it on your calendar.

I Am No Good at Bags!


Get in line, Carl. You can join the tournament, $50 for adult teams and $40 for student teams, or just watch, cheer, and eat. And then cheer some more because it's for a good cause.

How Do I Register?

Scroll down to register below, but first, need a team name? Try one of these...

20 Best Names for Your Bean Bag Tournament Team

Being clever is hard work unless you're naming a team for a bags tournament. If that's the case, then here's a nice list you can steal from (and remember, if you've stolen from me, you've stolen twice).

According to this post on Facebook, just open your phone's camera, and focus on the QR code (others will know it as scanning the QR code).  

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