You won't be able to get your typical plastic gift card at Best Buy this year. Why? Because they are going green. I LOVE this! Instead, you'll get a card that is made of paper and is much more environmentally friendly. According to their website, they made the switch because of what happens to the card after it's all used up. They estimate that with these new paper gift cards, they will save 18 tons of plastic from going into landfills (the weight of NINE cars).

The new holiday-themed gift cards are made of FSC-certified paper (from responsibly managed forests) and water-soluble glue and ink. You also have the ability to give a zero-waste gift card by going digital. They have e-gift cards that can be sent and used immediately on their website. According to WCCO, in addition to reducing plastic waste, Best Buy is helping customers go green by doing unused tech trade-ins for store credit.

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