I am specifically writing this for all of the men out there because...Valentine's Day.  The big day is coming and I know a lot of women who would love to see their significant other step it up a bit this year.  And I have the perfect idea just for you!  It's all planned out.  You just have to follow the steps.

So, what's the big date idea?  Well, I've watched this movie about 90 times.  I have the soundtrack on CD (which my kids don't even know what that means).  I have cried and laughed through the movie and sat on the edge of my comfy recliner as I watched the big boat go down in the water.  One thing that I never did was watch the Titanic in the movie theater.


I am learning that a lot of guys haven't seen this movie and know a few that have stated: "I will never see that movie".

Well, guys, it is time.  I've got good news too.  Titanic is coming back to the theater just in time for the lovey-dovey holiday, Valentine's Day.  I know you may not want to go or don't think this sounds amazing, but trust me, there is someone you know that wants to see this movie and surprising her with this date would mean the world.  Here's what you need to do:

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1:  Buy tickets for Titanic ahead of time because you don't want to be the people sitting in the front row.  The Titianic is playing February 9th, 10th, and 12th at Marcus Theatres and February 9th and 12th at CMX Cinemas.

Step 2:  Print off the tickets and put them in an envelope.

Step 3:  Buy some chocolates and put them with the envelope...maybe even add a cute bow or put it all in an adorable gift bag.  Gift bags are easy and require zero skill, just tissue paper.

Step 4:  This one requires a little more creativity but make sure the schedule stays clear that day.  If you need to, make up something that you need to attend so the time slot is filled already.

Step 5:  Put the gift bag or envelope somewhere that morning so she can see it.  The movie isn't actually being played on Valentine's Day so you are getting some bonus points for NOT missing the big day.  BONUS: you could even throw in some flowers that day with the gift because they are probably cheaper too.

(Optional, but awesome)  Step 6:  Skip step number 5 and instead, arrange to have a limo pick her up from wherever she is.  You are there, all dressed up in a fancy tux and you blindfold her before she gets in the limo.  Call ahead to the theater and see if they will let you bypass some of the lines and if you could go through a back door or something at a specific time.  Lead her in to your seats and just as you sit down, the movie starts playing and you hand her popcorn and say "This is for you" as you take off her blindfold.

I've given you everything that you need...except maybe the cash.  Well, I actually have that for you too.  Right now, there is a $600 Visa Cash Card to help you make a Valentine's Day dream date happen.  

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