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Why is the Byron Middle School principal up on a roof?  You give students a goal to beat with a great reward and watch them crush it!  That's how it happened.

If you missed it yesterday, Byron Public Schools posted on their Facebook page a video that shows Principal Swanson working from the roof.

Way to go Byron Middle School students! They met their fitness goal and sent Principal Swanson to the roof for a couple of days! 🖤💛 #ByronBears - Byron Public Schools Facebook Page

According to the video, two students set up a fitness goal for the school.  Students needed to walk or run a total of 400 miles to send two of their principals up on the roof for 2 days.  Well, they crushed their goal and got a total of 434 miles by walking and running around the track.

To all the Byron middle school students...you are amazing!  That's a lot of miles you put in and I am very impressed.  I'm really curious what you are going to come up with for your next goal and reward.  If you can, keep me in the loop so I can be there for the next announcement.  You can have your parents find me at my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

To the principals...at least you have some really nice weather to enjoy your time on the roof.  Throw on some sunscreen and enjoy your time up there!  Oh, and you are awesome too.

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