WhoCrew: Betty Who really, really loves you.

Just ahead of her upcoming set at Governors Ball this weekend, the "Somebody Loves You" singer-songwriter has come through with a new-but-not-exactly-new tune for the fans as she works on her upcoming record: "I Love You Always Forever," a cover of the 1996 Donna Lewis classic, which happens to turn 20 this year.

And what better way to premiere a dreamy reimagining of a '90s smash hit than during a sweat-drenched, diva-filled spin class?

Indeed, Miss Who and a room of fitness enthusiasts, friends and fans (including myself!) all spun to the sound of #ILYAF for the very first time within a pop diva-filled playlist on Wednesday morning (June 1) as part of Flywheel Chelsea's Pride Ride, which doubled as a benefit for GLAAD to kick off Pride Month.

"I had so much fun hosting the class, nothing makes me happier than supporting a cause that is so important to me," Betty says.

"It was really awesome to see so many people that were new to the class come out to support GLAAD. I love seeing all of my NYC Fly Fam whenever I'm in town and it was really special to get to do this event with them."

For what it's worth: Betty's cover provides just the unf needed to get through that final 30-second push on the bike. Job well done.

“I've always loved this song. It came out in my early childhood and embodies such a reminiscent feeling for me. I've been dying to cover it for a while now and have finally done it! I can't wait to start singing it live and sharing one of my favorite songs of all time," Betty says of her version of the track, produced by longtime collaborator Peter Thomas.

"I've been working so hard on my next album and have seen your Tweets and heard your cries! I wanted to do something extra special for you. This song is for you."

Start lovin' up on Betty's gorgeous cover of "I Love You Always Forever" below.

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