Nothing is more frustrating than when you need to use your phone but the signal is weak. Thankfully, a tech guru recently shared a little-known iPhone hack that apparently instantly boosts a user's signal quickly, easily and from anywhere.

Scott Polderman, who regularly shares tips with his over 1.4 million followers, shared the tip via TikTok.

He explained all you need to do is toggle airplane mode on and off, and then in no time at all you should have a stronger signal.

Watch the TikTok clip here:

Users were blown away by the tip.

"Been doing this for years and never knew why or how I even knew to do this… now I know," one person wrote, while another commented: "Omgosh it worked."

How to Boost Your iPhone Signal Instantly:

To try the hack yourself, open the phone's control center by "swiping from the top right to the bottom left," which opens the phones control center. Then "click on airplane mode and it will force your phone to find a new tower and reset."

The hack works due to the modem inside your phone being forced to search for a nearby tower which can increase your signal strength.

Switching a phone in and out of airplane mode does drain the battery, so be sure you have enough charge before using the hack.

Polderman included an extra little tip for those who the hack doesn't seem to work for: "If you’re sitting at home using the same tower, you may not see a change. It works well when you’re traveling."

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