Did you know that your iPhone automatically tracks your exact location and knows your patterns?

TikTok user @srh0e explained that iPhones track your whereabouts to the point that they create "significant locations." You may have already picked up on this when your phone suggests that it's X amount of minutes to get to home or where it says how far away you are from your parked car.

"This feature logs all of the places you've been, how long you've stayed and what time you left," he explained. So how does a person disable the default feature?

1. Click on your settings app

2. Scroll down and click on "privacy"

3. Select "location services"

4. Click on "system services"

5. Select "significant locations"

6. Click disable

On this screen, you can also view your own personal location data and see what locations it automatically created for you and even a log of the time you spent at each place.

"I just looked at mine. Home, dog park, Kroger. I need a life 😂" one commenter wrote.

While a good portion of TikTokers in the comments section were appalled and did not want their privacy being infringed upon, some believe that this is a good feature.

"I don’t like it…but I watch too many true crime shows," one user wrote, another similarly added that if they go missing this is an excellent feature to utilize.

"Wish I had this information when I was married! Could [have] gotten divorced a lot sooner," a person joked.

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