People seem to love or hate the revolving door...but did you know that it was born out of hate? It's true! Or, at least, it's the most truth I can find on the topic. Here's the story.


According to Mental Floss, Theophilus van Kannel invented the revolving door because he hated running into a bunch of men at a door and trying to figure out who goes first (First World Problems circa late 1800's), and because he REALLY hated opening doors for women.

A lot of people don't like to use revolving doors (I love 'em, especially the one in the Gonda's huge, electric, and sexy). But as many of us as possible should be cause Van K's emotions gave birth to a door that saves buildings a ton of money. When you open a swinging door, a pile of air rushes in or out. When you use a revolving door, the air-lock keeps air from rushing anywhere, and can save thousands of dollars in heating / cooling costs.

Finally, James is making me put this in. He says the video is too exciting to pass up. So, here...people going thru a revolving door.

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