Hi! I'm Bo, the Y-105 Early Morning Show Research Maven. You'll never hear me on the air because it freaks me out, but, I love working in radio (and then going to my full time job). It's hard to explain, but basically, doing the show is an incredible natural high. It's fast paced, so I get here at five and the next time I look at the clock it's 10am and I'm outta there! So fun. SO fun.

One of the big things I do is Bo's Flex Your Brain Facts, the odd little bits of info that James uses during the show. So, from now on, I'll be posting 'em (on Mondays, maybe more in the future.)

Two things...

a) They haven't created a user name for me, yet, so I'll be using James Rabe's, which means I have his password. Bwahahahahaha!  Just kidding, I wouldn't do anything bad. Or would I? LOL!

b) That's not me in the picture. That's just some gal that looks like she's flexing her brain. :)

Now, onto today's facts!

  • 1

    What would you be willing to do to wipe out your student loans?

    A recent survey says 32% would be willing to only get one haircut a year (easy for us , right?), 31% would be willing to eat nothing but Ramen noodles (just like college!) and and 11% would eat a tarantula (OK, no...just...no). 

  • 2

    What smell makes you feel most at home?

    According to a poll, the smell that makes you feel most at home is coffee brewing and cookies baking. Love BOTH those. But only chocolate chip cookies. Or double chocolate chip. Or double double chocolate chip. ((hee hee)) James thinks the smell of bleach should be on that list, too...but I do NOT agree. Smells too much like a hospital then.  Oh, and our least favorite smells? Cigarette smoke and garbage. No surprise there.

  • 3

    What was Yahoo called before it was Yahoo?

    This one is just silly...Yahoo wasn't always Yahoo. They changed the name to Yahoo two months after they launched. What was it first?" Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web." I can see why they changed!