I was sitting at baseball the other night for my 11-year-old and as batting practice was starting, a friend texted me a story about another little kid in Rochester that is about the same age as mine.  Cody is 10 years old and loves to throw the ball around too, run around and play, dance, and do all the same activities that my kid and your kids love to do.  He gets frustrated though because he is living life with two rare genetic disorders that have left his 10-year-old self with some challenges.  There is a solution though to help Cody and it is a furry friend that has four paws. 🐕

Cody loves animals, and a service dog from 4 Paws would give Cody comfort during times of distress and be the life-saving companion he needs when detecting his seizures. - 4 Paws for Cody Facebook page

4 Paws for Cody Facebook Page
4 Paws for Cody Facebook Page

Cody's family has been trying to help Cody get a service dog to help him enjoy life and keep him safe but the cost is pretty high.  Even with that high price tag of $40,000 to $60,000, they know that this furry friend is a great solution for their energetic 10-year-old who is non-verbal, has developmental delays, and also has occasional seizures.

When Cody screams out, throws a fit, or attempts to harm himself or others, his service dog will be trained to disrupt the behavior by laying across his lap and using deep pressure therapy to calm and redirect him.  When Cody is walking in public places, he will be tethered to the service dog, which will provide a sense of comfort and security for Cody and prevent him from running away.  When Cody is having a seizure, the service dog will be trained to stay by Cody’s side, to alert his caretakers by loudly barking, and to comfort Cody during the post-ictal period. - Mightycause.com

Cody's family is working with a nonprofit called 4 Paws for Ability to help make this furry friend happen for their little guy and are currently working on raising $17,000.  That's where you come in.

As you are playing outside with your kids today, throwing the ball around, dropping kids off at camp, just pause for a sec.  Cody would love that too and with our help, the family can reach that goal of $17,000 and get the furry friend that will let Cody enjoy life even more AND help keep him safe.

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