A restaurant that just opened on March 1st in Southeast Minnesota had to close suddenly this weekend...but for a good reason.

Brand New Restaurant in Southeast Minnesota Ran Out of Food And Temporarily Closed for a Day

If you haven't had a bite to eat yet at Tammy's Place in Kasson, you'll have to wait another day because they ran out of food. The following note was posted on Tammy's Place with the news:

Thank you all so much!!! We had an extremely busy weekend! We are running out of some food & my cooks have been working like crazy! We are closing the kitchen up @ 7 tonight. Closed tomorrow (Monday) just this week to give them a break and restock! ❤️ See you Tuesday for Double Cheeseburger special😋🍔

New Restaurant, Tammy's Place, Opened March 1st in Kasson, Minnesota

If you missed the news a few months ago, word started spreading about a new restaurant that was going to open up in the old Misplaced Magnolia at 111 W Main Street in Kasson, Minnesota.

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