A couple's prenuptial contract states both parties shouldn't eat too much pizza — and must never skip gym day.

According to The Mirror, bride Shanti and groom Mintu's prenup stipulates they can eat just one pizza per month and must go to the gym every day.

These aren't their only unusual stipulations, though: Other prenuptial agreements include they must take at least one good photo at every party they attend; go shopping every 15 days; and cannot party late unless with each other.

Additional terms state they will always say yes to a traditional Indian dish called ghar ka khana. They also pledge to wear a saree every day.

The publication claims the wife came up with the agreement, but that both she and the husband agreed to it.

It's worth noting that prenuptial agreements are not legal in India, where marriage is not considered a contract. Nevertheless, that has not stopped many families from creating them.

Instead, if there is a prenuptial agreement, it is often used to provide clarity to the wife on what she would receive in a divorce.

In the case of Shanti and Mintu, the contract appears to be an agreement between the pair simply regarding diet, lifestyle and attire.

This is hardly the first unusual agreement a couple has come to terms to for their marriage.

In one case in the U.S., the agreement stated the husband's weight "should not exceed 180 pounds and if it does, he must pay the wife $5,897 for every additional pound annually until back to target weight."

Another prenuptial agreement stated the wife must lose all her baby weight within 10 months after giving birth.

The clauses were previously revealed to Cosmopolitan.

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