If your high schooler seems to be asking for a lot of cash lately, there might be a really good reason why they want that extra $5.  In fact, they might be wanting to help get one of their favorite teachers a brand new hairstyle.  👀

I heard through that grapevine that Pete Rietveld, a teacher at John Marshall High School, has put out a challenge to raise $1,500 this year and if that goal is reached, he will dye his hair.

Christmas Anonymous / JM Gives / CSTF 2019 Fundraiser Update. As of right now, $682.93 has been raised by my 9th graders and me. We need to raise $1500 or else I won't dye my hair. We have less than a week. Our cutoff is next Thursday at 12:00 pm (noon). All proceeds benefit Christmas Anonymous. In order for us to get credit towards our $1500 goal, you need to donate through the special link set up below...or get money into my coffee can that is sitting in the front of my classroom at JM. It's for the kids. Once a Rocket...Always a Rocket. - Pete Rietveld's Facebook page

It's the final week and Pete is still a bit from the goal.  But, if all of the JM Rockets hear about this challenge, I'm guessing we can help change that hair color before the end of the week.

How can you help?

What color are you thinking would look amazing for Pete?  I’d love to hear about it!  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.  Personally, I like the pink with the dots.

Every year students and staff at Century High School, John Marshall High School, and Century High School work together for some great causes and raise thousands of dollars.  Fun games like Paranoia happen in the schools, bake sales, money is paid to play specific music at passing time (or to stop playing the music) and my favorite, the drumline battle happens between the three schools.  Click each school to find out more about events and schedules:  Century High SchoolMayo High School, and John Marshall High School.

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