Every time I play DJ Snake/Justin Bieber "Let Me Love You" I think about something Tracy McCray said. "Yeah, I'd love it if my daughter brought DJ Snake home for dinner." What would that be like? Well, I role played it for you...

First, you should know this is a James Rabe SnaProduction. That means it's destined for all sorts of awards. Cinematography, especially. I mean, how many times have you heard the critics say, "The way James frames his Snaproductions is serviceable, but his use of light, of love and our human rhythms is breathtaking. Two Thumbs Up!"?

I'd like to film and theater students. Keep your feet on the ground, and reach for that key grip, amiright? LOL!

Anyway...the video.

And if you feel you need more context, the song that inspired that cinematic masterpiece.

In case you missed it, the amazing Cool Classroom of the Year from Sylvan Learning and the NEW Y-105FM!

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