People in balls and bulls...would you do it?

I'm not an adrenaline junky, so when I scrolled, I stopped cold and stared. Humans in inflatable bouncy balls being thrown around by bulls? Would you do it? Is it even really that tough a thing to do?

That's pretty good. The first thing you think might be, "Holy Moly, then! I would never do that, too scary!" Phhhht, that's what I say,. You want scary?

I know a guy on the Red Bull Team named Miles Daisher. He's from Twin Falls, Idaho, and he and his wife and kids are wonderful people. They even put on a B.A.S.E. jumping festival each year to raise money to help kids with medical needs. People come from all over the world to jump off the Perrine Bridge, into the Snake River Canyon (right there, to the left. About 486 from the river to the bridge. Whoa.

Now, just jumping off a perfectly good bridge may not be as scary as the bulls/balls thing. But how 'bout this? Miles Daisher invented Skyayaking. That's right, jump out of a helicopter or plane, with a blade above you and a kayak under you. (Caution, some swears by the announcer in the video)