Last night was The NEW Y-105FM Night at the Rochester Honkers Baseball game with Bob the Bug Man and I did NOT throw out the first pitch. I was s'posed to, so I brought in a ringer! Caden, the T-Ball Superstar! 

Roch Honkers 01

Here's how it went down. As a sponsor last night's game, I handed out awesome Bob the Bug Man Swatters. They have our logo on them, so, of course, i think of them at Bob the Buggy Y Swatters.

We handed 'em to a LOT of kids, I'm wondering how well that worked out. I'm guessing as well as handing out yard-sticks at a home-show.

"You can have one if you don't hit your brother with it, use it as a sword, etc".

No problem mom!

(two seconds later)


Roch Honkers 03

So, that part was a hoot. Then I needed to throw out the first pitch. I have no sport-ball skillz, so I found a ringer. Caden. Caden is awesome. He was up at the top of the stands, his mom said, "He'll do it." And he did. Once mom made the trek up and said it was OK.

Which, by the way, is a sign of good parenting, right? He wouldn't go away with a stranger until mom said it was cool. Solid!

Anyway, he's great! And that smile? Caden just brings the smile out in people all around him. You'll see that in the much fun!



The new Minnesota State Fair Food was announced yesterday, and most of it's good, but one is just the worst thing you can do to America's Best Food! Corn on the cob is literally the greatest part of the American Culinary Experience, and what these folks did is just evil. Eeeeveeel! Click HERE (or the picture) to see what they did.

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