I love fair food. Every year state fairs around the country bring us new and amazing fair foods. Some are always dumb, but mostly, they're awesome. Like the Belgian waffle made with bacon bits baked right in! But this year, the new dumbest food needs to be called out. And I'm just the guy to do it.At this year's Minnesota State Fair, the waffle is available...so are...

  • Cranberry Wild Rice MeatballsSwedish-style meatballs with cranberries and wild rice with Lingonberry sauce. At Hamline Church Dining Hall,
  • Bacon Fluffernutter: A Grilled cinnamon bun sandwch with a bacon, peanut butter and marshmallow cream filling. Find it at The Sandwich Stop on the west side of Clough St. between Carnes & Judson avenues

Two great examples of YUM! And the new list is full of yum (check it out here). 

There's one really dumb one, tho..

Cheesy Nacho Corn on the Cob: Roasted corn on the cob lightly coated with crushed Dorito® corn chips and nacho cheese. Find it at Texas Steak Out on the west side of Underwood St. between Lee & Randall avenues.

It looks like this...


Really? What the flamin' hooty-hoo, Texas Steak Out? I've had your food, and heard rave reviews about your food. Your Sausage in a Tater Twist is amaze-balls! And I've your deep fried nachos are phenomenal.

So, what's up with roasting corn (best way to cook it!), then coating it in Doritos and nacho cheese? It's corn on the cob, mannnn! One of natures most perfect foods. Plain, or with a bit of butter and salt, it is exactly what it needs to be.

Corn. Soft focus

Nacho chips need cheese, peanut butter does very well with jelly, and walk/don't walk have been saving lives for years. But corn on the cob?

COTC is a loner, only occasionally is it good at making friends. It took over 150 years for COTC to consider butter and salt its buddy. And here you are forcing chip and cheese on it?

Well, I  say no. NO! This is where I draw the sand in the line, this far I will not cross.

Stop it already...and apologize to corn on the cob. He's quite understanding.


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See all the Minnesota State Fair Food Here (or click the picture)

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