The Olmsted County Sheriff,  Kevin E. Torgerson, stopped by the KROC NEWS studio on Monday sporting some new gear. That black circle next to his tie is the department's new body cam.

From the outside it looks much smaller, but inside there's way more to it. In the video you'll see the Sheriff pull out the actual camera which is just an...Android phone?

Yep. But nope, because it's not just the phone. There are new cameras in the squad cars, too. Plus a  special kind of WiFi hot spot. that can turn on any Sheriff's dept. body cams if they're within the WiFi area.

Once the WiFi gets it, it uploads the video/audio to the server at the office. in real time if required, so a command post will be able to see and hear everything the cameras see.

While the new body cams can be voice activated, there's also a remote control "watch".

Photo by Rabe
Photo by Rabe

And speaking of the Olmsted County Sheriff's Department, this year their Polar Plunge for Special Olympics was a goal busting day (and brought them close to $3,000,000 raised in Olmsted County overall)! See that story HERE.

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