I read an article over the weekend about county fairs and local celebrations in greater Minnesota. It was something like 2 million people attend the State Fair, while 2.6 million attend all the county fairs and local festivals that take place during Minnesota's 2-3 month window of what we call summer. Part of that ambiance is fun little competitions that pop up at these festivals. It could be local fire departments challenging others to pull a tractor, or maybe it's a milking contest, like the one that took place this weekend at Dennison Days. 

The Cannon Falls Police Department had some fun with their chief participating in the contest in this post to their Facebook page on Sunday morning.

Chief Jeffrey McCormick ended up with what was described as a "personal best" extracting 8oz of milk in 60 seconds.

With all the heavy news we faced over the weekend, it's nice to be able to see some of the lighter parts of life like cow milking contests at a small Minnesota festival. Maybe we will see something similar at the Steele County Free Fair next week?

The post initially made by the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office doesn't indicate who won the contest.

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