We had a dog named Rex. When he passed away back in the 1990s, none of us got a tattoo to remember him by. But I totally understand the feelings behind it.

We recently posted a blog about the passing of Waldo Picasso Jonas, and how  Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas both got tattoos in Waldo's honor. See the whole story, including the tattoos here.

So I asked to see your pet tribute tattoos and just behold the results.

Jackie Ellefson-Wohl - This is Angel. I got her in the 5th grade and she passed when I was 23

Jackie Ellefson-Wohl

Ruth E Johnson - Holly the Pibble...my first pit bull and first rescue (from PCHS). We only had her 4 yrs before she died from lymphoma, but she was an awesome dog!

Ruth E Johnson

Molly  - This is for my first baby, Zoe. Miss her like crazy every day!

Molly Garvey

And here's all of 'em. The artwork on some of these is just amazing.

Dog Tattoos of Rochester

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