Nicole Martino is showing off all her tattoos in a huge way. She's currently in the running to be Inked Magazine's Cover Girl 2020. The contest runs through April and is broken into rounds. Right now, Nicole is in first place in her group for round one. She will move on to round two later this evening (Feb 20th).

inked_nicole IG
inked_nicole IG

I got the chance to chat with Nicole about her motivation to join this contest. She told me it all started with a breast cancer scare. In 2016, she went through preventative surgery and was feeling really low. Tattoos brought her confidence back. Jason Kimble at A Stovepipe Studio here in Rochester started covering her body with award-winning art. Now, she could win the honor of being on the cover of Inked Magazine AND a $25,000 grand prize.

Nicole is a single mother of one and says if she wins, she's going to use the money for a downpayment on a house.

What was your first tattoo?

The red rose on my shoulder is in remembrance of my Aunt Rosalie who battled breast cancer for many years. This rose does not only represent the aspect of her name but the meaning behind its strength and beauty. Her resilience is comparable to the perennial, her will to keep fighting through the pain, and hardships. Her spirit resembles the thorns along the stem. They grab your attention, curiosity, and emotions. I am her perennial, the voice, and the strength that keeps flourishing.

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