Rochester's most adorable coffee shop, Caribou Cabin, is finally open!

Remember way back, before we started talking about COVID, I told you about a really cute coffee shop that was going to be built in Rochester, Minnesota over by Cub Foods?  Well, it is finally open!  (Yes...I was there on opening day to snag a cup of coffee!)

Newest and Cutest Coffee Shop in Rochester had quite the transformation!

I've been waiting pretty much forever for the new Caribou Cabin to open up in Rochester, Minnesota. We first heard that Caribou was going to be building this adorable coffee shop by Cub Foods way back in May of 2020. So, yeah, it's been a test of our patience. I've been slowly watching the progress take shape and was super excited to pull up and grab a cup of coffee on their opening day. Yes, as of November 30th, 2021, the Caribou Cabin is finally open!

Here are a few photos of the progress and what the new place looks like.

Huge shoutout to the barista who helped me today at the new Caribou Cabin coffee shop - you were the nicest person that I met today and you made me smile when I really needed one.

When I pulled up this afternoon to get a cup of coffee, the crew at Caribou were extremely nice and were just working on brewing a new pot of coffee.  That meant that I was getting really fresh coffee AND I had a little time to chat with the person at the window.  I've had a rough couple of days (yes, even with the holidays) and to be honest, just chatting with the barista in the window was a smile that I didn't know I was needing today.  Just pausing for a few minutes was a break from the reality of a ton of medical conversations that I've had this past week.  It was nice to just talk and smile. the barista that chatted with me at the window around 3 pm today, thank you for that conversation and for your genuine smile that I could see in your eyes...cause you were wearing a mask.

When did we first hear that Caribou was bringing their cabin to Rochester?

I know it is tough to think back this far, (and for a bunch of us our brains are cloudy thanks to COVID timelines) but way back in May of 2020 is when the news first broke that Caribou was bringing one of their cute cabins to Rochester.  It truly is one of the most adorable coffee shops ever and is so Minnesotan.

Check out these other 2 coffee shops that are going to be built near Rochester!

Bear Paw Coffee Opening Soon in Byron, Minnesota!  If you missed the news on November 8th, you probably don't have our free app because I shared the big news that Byron, Minnesota is getting its first coffee shop!   Bear Paw Coffee is a new venture that is going to be bringing some caffeine to this town that is just a few miles to the West of Rochester.  See where it will be located and what it will look like here.

Due North Coffee Co. Opening Soon in Eyota, Minnesota.  If you don't travel to the SE side of Rochester very often, you may have missed the news about the ice shack that is set up in the parking lot of Air Insanity.  It looks like an ice shack but it is actually a drive-thru coffee shop that opened up earlier this year.  Anything that you want that a coffee shop serves, they've got it.  See a few fun pics and learn more here.

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