I've heard so many stories of couples having huge and public marriage proposals, at sports arenas, huge events, Jumbotrons, and even billboards.  This is a little different in that it's for prom.

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Chase Brown, a high school student from Evansville, Indiana went all out to ask for his date's hand at Prom. His girlfriend, of a little less than a year, Emily Arabia got quite the surprise when she found her face and name on a huge billboard on a busy street in their city.  Chase told the TV station in his town, that, "It is the biggest thing he could think of, besides renting a plane."  When she saw it, and said yes, he had the billboard updated to reflect her accepted invitation.  I have to wonder, if this couple makes it past the seven year itch, the transition into adulthood, and the struggles they may face in the future, (and I certainly am rooting for them!), what is he going to do to top this, and what will his marriage proposal be down the road?