Whoa! Stop right there! What does your Cheeto look like?

Have you grabbed a bag of Cheetos, opened up that bag of Cheetos and almost had one close to your lips...and then - BOOM! - stopped yourself with a Whoa, Nelly! Hey, this here Cheeto looks like somethin' or someone else! Maybe it looked like Andre the Giant.

Getty Images

...Or, maybe one of the other surviving cast members of The Princess Bride?

Inconceivable, right? Not so much.

If you come across a Cheeto that looks like somethin' or someone, it could be worth big bucks to you. I know what you're thinking: Dave, how much could that Cheeto be worth to me? Thanks for askin'. I'll tell you:

$50,000. Cheetos is puttin' the all-call out. If you see somethin' or someone in your Cheeto, upload a picture here. If others see what you see, you could start at $10,000. In August, the best overall Cheeto could win an additional $50,000.

Talk about your Golden Ticket!