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Chester's Butt Nuggets were in my mind Monday when they broke ground for the Preston  Minnesota Veterans Home.

Photo From Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs
Photo From Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs

Why would a veterans home make me think of Chester's Butt Nuggets? Because by selling butt nuggets, a young Farm Boy and his family raised over $2,500 for the home!

Here's what Samm Adams wrote back in 2018...

They say some people are born to do one thing in life. Well, Carter was born to be an entrepreneur. The "almost 8" (his words) year old boy has started his own business. He sells butt nuggets. First of all, can I just say how brilliant that business name is - Chester's Butt Nuggets?

When I first saw this pop up on my Facebook page, I had to do a double take. Then, no lie, it took me longer than I want to admit to figure out what butt nuggets are. I was thinking "people eat the butt of the chicken too? I mean, I've heard of weirder things!" Read More: You Can Get Fresh Butt Nuggets in Rochester Now

In case your like Samm and me, and it's taking a while to figure out what Butt Nuggets are...nope, we're not slicing up chicken butts for the BBQ. Butt Nuggets are eggs!

Courtesy Chester's Butt Nuggets FB
Courtesy Chester's Butt Nuggets FB

I checked in with Farm Boy's mom, Tonya Keim, to see if Butt Nugget Sales are still on and she said,

Hello!! Thanks for asking!!! Chester's Butt Nuggets raised over $2500 for the Preston Veterans Home a few years ago and has been selling butt nuggets ever since 🙂


Unfortunately, Farm Boy is growing up and making videos about chickens isn't his favorite thing to do anymore. I'm working on getting the youngest to become the new Farm Boy 😂

Here are both Farm Boy and New Farm Boy in the latest video...

How Can I Buy Chester's Butt Nuggets?

If you'd like to buy some of Chester's Butt Nuggets, do it via the Chester's Butt Nuggets Facebook page or request to be added to the waiting list by email at chestersnuggets@gmail.com.

Who Is Chester, Anyway?

Chester is the Rooster that Runs Things on the farm near Spring Valley, Minnesota. It's that simple. Would you like to get to know more about Chester? Farm Boy has the full story here...

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