They say some people are born to do one thing in life. Well, Carter was born to be an entrepreneur. The "almost 8" (his words) year old boy has started his own business. He sells butt nuggets. First of all, can I just say how brilliant that business name is - Chester's Butt Nuggets? When I first saw this pop up on my Facebook page, I had to do a double take. Then, no lie, it took me longer than I want to admit to figure out what butt nuggets are. I was thinking "people eat the butt of the chicken too? I mean, I've heard of weirder things!"

In case you are right there with me and are not up on your farm lingo, butt nuggets are eggs! As for Chester, the rooster, he's in charge of assisting in the production of said butt nuggets.

The family behind this business lives near Spring Valley, but will personally deliver in the Rochester area. You can order your white or brown eggs for just $2 a dozen via the Chester's Butt Nuggets Facebook page or request to be added to the waiting list by email at

Chester's Butt Nuggets Facebook
Chester's Butt Nuggets Facebook

You don't have to buy eggs to support this adorable little farm boy. You can get a custom Chester's Butt Nuggets t-shirt! Head to the Facebook page to get yours.

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