Hey, did you hear? If you wear a cow costume to a Chick-fil-A Tuesday, you'll get a free chicken sandwich (or any entree)! The USA runs for cow costumes and I'm over here all like,"Oh, for the love of pete! What's the big deal about CFA??? 

I know we don't have one in Rochester yet, but its coming!

So, quick, before you do anything else...

Back when I lived in Twin Falls, ID, a Chick-fil-A opened up. People were so excited, I thought they were going to explode with joy.

THEM - "Hey, James! Have you heard? We're getting a Chick-fil-A!!!! Here. In Twin Falls!"

ME - Isn't that the fast food chicken place?

THEM - OMG! It's the best! THE BEST!

ME - It's not fast food?

THEM - No! It's really good!

So I chilled out. At that point, I hadn't had any and I couldn't say if it was good or not. It just seemed like a lot of excitement over a fast food joint.

Well, the day arrived, they opened, and the city was agog. They loved it. Which is cool...I love seeing people happy. Then CFA brought a metric ton of sammiches to the station for us to try. So I tried one.

More Fargo Pickles

Literally EVERYONE in the office staring at me - "Isn't it the best?"

ME: Not bad. Pickles a nice touch. I'll have to remember to add one or two to my convenience store chicken sammiches.

My co-workers mumbled swears and turned away in disgust.

It was tasty, if they wanted to keep bringing in free food, I'd continue to eat 'em. You want to bring me CFA sammiches, I'll eat 'em. They're good...but wear a cow costume to get a free one good?



If you're traveling on 52 ('tween Rochester and Cannon Falls), you NEED this info. Because, yeah, more road work. I had no idea there was any space for me. Anyway, click HERE (or the picture) to get the lowdown.

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