is there a new therapy place coming to Rochester? After last night's city council meeting, it looks like yes, yes there is. A Chicken Therapy place!

No, really.

Last night, a part of the Rochester City Council meeting noBROODy seemed to notice, was a bit of derEGGulation so a guy could have more than the allowed three chickens. Here's the actual request (click the picture for the whole letter).

Chicken Request cropped

Basically, not wanting to run aFOWL of the law, Anthony Perno is doing this nice and legal, saying, as a licensed social worker, he'd like to expand from three to maybe eight chickens. Chickens for "a form of therapy for individuals attempting to overcome trauma."

And the city council voted yes, so they're definitely COUPerating with Perno.

Some'll call BS, saying, 'You just want more chickens." And yeah, that could be it. If you're a nEGGative person.


Or, as anyone with chickens knows, chickens are special. I cared for a few for a long time and tho I was at first appreHENsive, I grew not just fond of them, but I also found it incredibly centering to spend time with them.

Cleaning their run or home, feeding and watering 'em, letting 'em out to "play" in the garden (well, play "tractor" in the garden to get it ready for planting) takes time and effort and is an EGGcellent way to get someone outside of their problems.  A little work, sure, but a POULTRY price to pay for the benefits you get.

I literally felt better working with the chickens.

Also, they were great actors!

Also, eggs. If you've never had a fresh egg, put it on your "Weekend Bucket List". Go to a farm, buy farm fresh eggs, eat them. Sooo good. Or, find a friend with chickens and barter.

And then, one day, a chicken died. My ex's chicken passed and it was traumatic for her, for many reasons. I was surprised how truly saddened I was over. Helping to bury her, I realized Marzipan was the first non-traditional "pet" I'd grown to care for.

So, maybe the dudes doing it just for the eggs, or maybe he's really going to help people, but i'm glad the council didn't kick this can FEATHer down the road.

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