More than once I've been told I'm goofy for adding a Hershey's bar to chili.Well, one listener decided to put it to the test, and sent this video!

Lynn Schultz listens every morning as she's driving for Albert Lea Taxi, and took up the challenge to try chocolate chili. She gathered friends and family together, opened a can of chili, and melted the Hershey bar into it.

Well, she went a little overboard, melting FOUR bars in, but hey, who doesn't love chocolate?

How was it? Check the video...Lynn promises the coughing fit is just because the chili went down the wrong tube, not because the chili was killing her.

I first tried chocolate chili when I was a judge for a chili-tasting contest in Twin Falls, ID. All kinda of chili; venison, pork, and chocolate. The chocolate was SO good. She said her recipe was a big pot of chili + one chocolate bar (she wouldn't give away the real recipe...booo!).


It's going to be a cooooollllld day, this'll help you warm up!

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