If you're not a parent, please forgive me for just a moment or two because I just have to say this: KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS! In this instance, I'm not even talking about my kids. That's how you know you've got the Parent Thing really bad. You appreciate your friend's clever kids just as you do your own.

My friend posted this conversation she had with her kiddos on her Facebook page last week and I can't stop thinking about how sharp her 8-year-old daughter Ashlynn is.

We were driving home from Grandma's house last night...
Camryn: "Mom, did Grandma almost die?"
Me: "Yes, she almost died last summer, but she's fine now."
Camryn: "How did she not die?"
Ashlynn: "She stepped up her game."

I can't get over how funny that is! The truth is, I suspect Ashlynn has heard that phrase a time or two in her life. But isn't that what makes it so darn funny? Our kids repeat back to us the weird things we say.

When my kids were little, I took someone's advice and kept a little notebook in the kitchen in which I wrote the funny stuff the kids said throughout their day. It wasn't in a beautiful baby book and, admittedly, it has a few grease stains on it. But who cares? Without fail, when I look through it I realize I have forgotten most everything I wrote in there! Thank goodness I took a moment to record those things. They make me smile.

Please share, what clever remark has YOUR kid dropped on you...

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