There are jobs where everyone signs up to ring bells for the Salvation Army. Two at a time go out and ring bells for a couple hours, then two more replace 'em, and the first two go back to work. That day and the next,  they talk about it, share their funny stories, and you know what? That team has made a difference. Plus, they've become a better team by working that goal AS a team.

Would you like to ring bells? It's easy, it is fun, and by staffing a kettle, you LITERALLY double, triple, or quadruple the hourly donations.

Plus, all the money stays here to help with local Salvation Army programs...

  • Meal Programs and Food Shelves
  • Rent Assistance
  • Utility Assistance
  • Employment Assistance
  • Clothing and Household Items
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Seasonal Services
  • Veteran’s Assistance
  • Pathway of Hope for Families



It is SO easy. See that picture there to the left? Click it. Then on the left side of the Salvation Army page, just tell 'em what date, and where you'd like to ring.

Simple. In, out, no mussin' about.

What about music? Great! Christmas music on a boom-box, singing, a guitar, a harmonica...bring 'em and remember, little kids are super sweet and really get people to donate. No pets tho, please.

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