Rochester, MN  (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man who had a close call over the weekend has told police he has no idea what happened to him.

Police Capt. John Sherwin says the 47-year-old man was found in some woods bleeding from the face and neck Saturday afternoon. Officers were called to the site by some people who heard the man screaming.

Sherwin says the man - who was highly intoxicated and uncooperative - wasn’t sure what had happened. He was taken to St Marys where it was determined he had been shot by several BBs. In fact, one was lodged very close to his carotid artery.

Sherwin says officers later learned some juveniles with BB guns had been in the woods about the same time. He says it’s suspected the juveniles shot him after he became belligerent and confronted them.  

The site is located in the 800 block of 16th Ave SE, in the Homestead Village neighborhood.