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Janna Holm, grandchild of a woman who passed away in 1986 was perplexed by some cards that her grandmother, Dorothy Holm,  had left to them. Her grandma lived in Shakopee, MN, and had a fast-spreading brain cancer and could not communicate in her final weeks, but she left at least 20 index cards full of scribbled letters on them.  Janna and her cousins were between 8-10 years old and believed that she was leaving a code for them to decipher.  The children thought perhaps it was song lyrics, or a message.  They tried for years and years to figure it out with no luck. Janna posted the cards along with a plea on for them to help figure this mystery out for them.
It took only 14 minutes for a user of the site, metafilter, to respond with what appears to be what is behind this code.  The user, harperpitt, figured out they were prayers and posted his findings under Janna's original plea for help.
I have often thought about people who are suffering from various diseases of the mind, such as dementia or Alzheimer's, or other similar illnesses.  They come off to us as 'different', and are sometimes passed off as just not being in their right mind.   Personally I think that maybe they do have messages they are trying to deliver, but they just can't.  It makes sense to them, after all.  Could what this metafile user suggested these letters meant be what Dorothy Holm was trying to tell her family?   I think it very well could be that the code is now cracked all of these years later.