Rio de Janeiro may be almost 6,000 miles away from us here, and their weather polar opposite from us at the moment.  We are in a polar vortex of extreme cold... I don't see that many people outside.  
Facebook/Shopping Leblon

In Brazil? 122 degrees Fahrenheit!   It was so hot, that a sprinkler system was set off automatically inside a large shopping mall.   The shopping Leblon complex experienced the issue for about 20 minutes until officials were able to shut down the sprinkler system. Click here to watch a clip filmed at that time by a shopper. 

Which is worse in your opinion, extreme heat, or extreme cold?   I personally would rather be baking than freezing.  I think it is far easier to cool down than it is to warm up.   Of course, I think the majority of us would all agree that somewhere in-between, and not to either extreme is the best scenario.   

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images