It wasn't that long ago Coltin Kenning first made headlines in Rochester as he was hired by the Rochester Police Department. From our blog on the big event.

Today the City of Rochester and Rochester Police Department honored him with a special party at Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria in downtown Rochester. Coltin was recognized as an honorary officer. Mayor Norton was on hand to present Coltin with a formal proclamation and Chief Franklin conducted an honorary swearing-in. Check out the pictures below. (READ MORE)

At the time, Police Chief Jim Franklin said they have very specific hiring guidelines, and one of the requirements is courage. You gotta have courage to be a part fo the RPD.

"Courage doesn't mean that you are not afraid, it means that you continue to do the things that you might not want to do in the face of adversity. Coltin, I think you exemplify that core value for a police officer. That is why today, I'd like to offer you a job."

Well, Coltin did it again! As the picture above shows, he's now officially part of the Goodhue County and Red Wing Police Teams!  Both the Sheriff and the Police Departments honored his kindness, love, and courage! Then they went out for pizza.


Photos courtesy Red Wing Law Enforcement. 

And recently on Facebook, we find Coltin went to Florida (FLORIDA!)!

Our prayers and thoughts are with you Coltin! If you'd like to share your support, here's his email:

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