I know he's just promoting upcoming shows, but still, how often do you get your town mentioned by Steve Martin, a stand-up, movie, and music legend? Exactly. Outside of big cities, it is rare (unless they've been sick and Mayo saved 'em).

And not only did Steve Martin mention us, but he also said we're fun. Or, rather, fun sounding. Which is the next best thing to being fun!

I have realized that on this tour, Marty and I are only playing cities that are fun to say. Rochester is certainly fun to say, so is Waukegan. Kansas City, perhaps, is not AS fun to say, still, one would have to be very jaded to say it’s not fun at all.

He even puts us first. I'm sure that's because he feels a kinship with us and will be performing with Martin Short here on May 23rd! (Buy tickets locally and save Ticketmaster fees...just click HERE.)

A few ways Rochester is fun to say...

  • Rochester, on its own, is just plain fun.
  • Rochest-cheer! We have spirit, yes we do, we have spirit, how 'bout you?!
  • Rochest-Beer! We have spirits, too!
  • RochBlamm-o-Chester the Old School Batman Festival is a must-attend, don't miss the hot-dish contest.
  • Rochest-Cherry is delicious
  • RoCheesester - A very gouda name.

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